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Unilime unites top-notch professionals and we are a problem-solving machine.

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Unilime is a group of companies that represents years of versatile expertise in software development and web/graphical/product design. The group brings together the strengths of all of our companies - Marakas Design, Marakas Digital, Acom Digital and Infinity Solutions.

Being a single entry point for our stakeholders, Unilime guarantees that the client will get all the required services in one place without any excessive transactional expenses.

We use compound experience and proficiency of all group entities to achieve the synergy effect in productivity, efficiency, and overall service quality.

Сross-service structure allows us to focus on our relevant fields of expertise to make sure we work with the most efficient tools and approaches and provide cutting-edge services to the group clients.

We have been on the market for the past 10 years and have about 60 people in the company today. Started as a boutique design and web-development company but nowadays we have expertise in various advanced technologies and vast experience of fulfilling projects with US and European customers. 

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We’ve delivered hundreds of small and large web projects, developing landing pages, e-commerce websites, SaaS platforms, Big Data and Data Science projects etc. Some of them are vendors of such big platforms as Amazon, Walmart etc.

Our designers can make turnkey solutions, taking care of the design and development stages of the process. Even more - we create logo, style, branding and many other design directions.

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We have experience with SEO-related development tasks, security improvements, like anti-scraping approaches, firewalls, protection against attacks etc.

Our team has expertise with such CMS and platforms as Shopify, WordPress/Woocommerce, Magento and we can write custom systems using frameworks like Laravel, React, Flask, Vue.js and any other required technologies using Python, PHP or JavaScript programming languages.

To recapitulate, we can solve various business web-related problems or help businesses with their web presence.

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We will be happy to be part of your brilliant idea coming to life.

How we can help?

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