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We facilitate business growth and enhance its innovative potential.

01Quick Facts

We are a team of experienced designers, software developers and specialists focused on bringing your ideas to life, transforming, or even shaping your business, helping it grow and succeed in a competitive business environment. Our company has expertise in various industries related to e-commerce, web-analytics, healthcare, affiliate programs, design- and tech-oriented projects. We are able to provide turnkey services in web software development, support your day-to-day digital presence, provide tools that will save your time and money as well as make your business more efficient.
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02Our Companies

Unilime is a group of companies that represents years of versatile expertise in software development and web/graphical/product design. The group brings together the strengths of all of our companies - Marakas Design, Marakas Digital, Acom Digital and Infinity Solutions.
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03Clients Map

We have implemented numerous successful projects across the globe with a major presence in North America and Europe. We believe in values that are dear to our clients and make sure that working with us is a pleasant and satisfying experience, both: in terms of human interaction and technical expertise.

04Our Clients

We support the completed projects for as long as your business requires it and help our clients grow from small startups to large companies.
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Every tiny detail can be customised.
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We provide a full cycle of web software development, including infrastructure, QA, design, support, and consulting. Our clients have one go-to place where professionals can solve all their technical problems.
Dedicated Development Team
Our team can provide technical expertise, do R&D projects for your business, generate ideas that facilitate business’ growth and success. Our main goal is to become someone you could truly rely on at any moment of time.
Custom Web Development
We are eager to provide our expertise in digital transformation and development of modern cutting-edge tools to ensure that the most exquisite needs of your business are met and your expectations are exceeded.
QA and Testing
Quality assurance is a key to the stable work of software and satisfaction of the users. That’s why we focus on making sure that features in your software are properly tested using the best practices of human-driven and automated testing. This could be either a part of our software development services or a stand-alone service to help your in-house development team.
CMS Development
We know that many customers feel comfortable about the predictability of using CMS for their new or growing business. The UI is well-known, features are flexible and costs expected. Our experts know how to utilize strong sides of CMS such as WordPress, Magento, or Shopify in an efficient and competitive way.
Using modern DevOps approaches and infrastructure often helps to avoid the frustration of long deployment cycles and limitations to software speed and efficiency. We always use continuous deployment and integration in our development processes, have extensive experience working with top cloud services, and will be happy to share these superpowers with you and your team.
Art & Design
Users will value the speed of your software, its features, and its efficiency. But what will make them love and remember it is how it looks and feels. Our designers will ensure that your products look and feel great and have a unique touch. This is something that is required to stand out in a modern highly competitive world.
Mobile Development
Mobile is a king nowadays. It is very likely that the success of your business will depend greatly on how well you interact with users on mobile platforms, both web and native apps. We are able to ensure that your product is optimized for mobile users and they have the best experience with it.
Technical Support
Is your team struggling with keeping up the pace required for your business and help is required? Or you do not need to develop the whole new project but require daily help with small (or not very small) technical tasks to ensure the efficiency of business processes? Let’s talk and we will find a way to help you.

How we can help?

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