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Marketing Specialist

We need a specialist who can think outside the box, experiment, generate new ideas, try different approaches and determine their effectiveness. Experience in a similar position in a service company is welcome.

The responsibilities of our marketer will include the following:

  • Creating a marketing strategy based on the company's mission;
  • identifying the most effective channels for promoting information about the company's services: the company's website, aggregators (such as Clutch), social networks, ppc advertising, etc. and developing a strategy for using these tools to achieve the optimal cost/benefit balance;
  • ensuring work with the selected channels of information promotion: formation of a promotion strategy, content plan, content creation (more on this below), monitoring of results, adjustment of approaches;
  • creation of text content independently (idea generation, approval, writing, editing), or search for performers and work with them;
  • coordination of the design team to create visual content;
  • coordination of work with other departments of the company: management, development, design, sales, etc. to ensure the implementation of the marketing strategy (receiving relevant information on time, generating new ideas, etc;)
  • competitor and market analysis to identify hidden opportunities and identify risks;
  • regular reporting to the company's management.

In order to effectively perform the tasks, we believe that the successful candidate will have the following knowledge and skills (all or some of them)

  • understanding what the mission is, its importance in the formation of the right marketing strategy;
  • knowledge of English at a sufficient level for content creation or quality work with performers;
  • marketing education, or relevant experience and love for marketing and desire to develop in it;
  • knowledge of the basics of promotion in social networks, ppc marketing;
  • understanding of the principles of work of IT service companies, or the basics of promoting the brand / services of service companies to foreign markets;
  • desire to "pump up" in the IT field and learn various technical nuances of our work to be able to promote our company most effectively;
  • experience in copywriting in English;
  • understanding of the basics of SEO for the English-speaking market;
  • experience or skills in project management, organization, ability to clearly set a task and monitor the progress of its implementation, make things happen, focus on results, not process.

About Us

Our company can provide related services in one place, which significantly saves time and money for the client. Fresh and unconventional approaches and ideas allow looking at the business from the outside, accelerate growth and create conditions for the elimination of your competitors. We have experience with SEO-related development tasks, security improvements, like anti-scraping approaches, firewalls, protection against attacks etc.


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We are always open to collaboration with proactive, talented and stirring professionals passionate about their work.
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